Stretch Film Line


The cast stretch film line produces PE stretch film with single or double side adhesive for industrial wrapping. The main raw materials are LLDPE, blended with some other resins such as mLLDPE. 3 or 5 layers co-extruded stretch wrapping film has excellent tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance. Those advantages make stretch film an ideal wrapping to protect pallet or other goods during transportation.


For pallet stretch wrapping (manual and machine use).

Features & Advantages

  • Options for up to 5-layers coextruded film structure
  • Option for up to 4000mm film wide
  • Air knife and high performance chill roller
  • Automatic film thickness controlling
  • In-line edge trim and recycling
  • Auto film winding


Stretch Film Line

Sample Products

Stretch Film Line Samples

Technical Data

Model No. Screw Diameter Die Width Film Width Film Thickness Line Speed
FS65/110/65-1600 ø65 mm / ø110 mm/ ø65 mm 2000 mm 1600 mm 0.015 - 0.050 mm 250 m/min
FS65/125/65-2000 ø65 mm / ø125 mm/ ø65 mm 2400 mm 2000 mm
FS90/135/90-2500 ø90 mm / ø135 mm/ ø90 mm 2900 mm 2500 mm