High Speed Non-woven Cubic Bag making Machine


High Speed Non-woven Cubic Bag making Machine


Technical Advantage

  • Advantage of fully automatic machine
    The machine adapts PLC program system, servor system and air-operated system to control the feeding correction device, hot device, bag-making device and folding device.Automatically complete the workflow of assembly line from tubular material to the final goods.
  • High Speed, High Accuracy
    As it has high accuracy holding material correct device inside the bag-making setting, which greatly improves the pocket uniformity and the speed.
  • Advanced welding technology
    Whole machine adapts ultrasonic welding technology in high performance, with less noise in the welding part and does no harm to the operator.
  • Operation is simple
    It is easy to operate and in direct viewing, which can manufacture different types of bags needed in the market with conveniently switch of molds.
  • Binder spray device
    Auxiliary binder spray device, which is able to spray binder at welding part of the pocket to inhance the firmness of the bag.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply 380V
Total Power 26 - 28kW
Applicable Material Non-woven (tubular; laminate)
The instant highest power 60kW
Material thickness 55 - 120g
Production Speed 40 -50 pcs/m
Bag-making height 200 - 430mm
Bag-making front length 240 - 500mm
Bag-making side width 70 - 170mm
Feeding width 5510 - 1120mm
Feeding material length 390 (350) - 680mm
Installation size 10000 x 2600 x 2500mm

Product Sample

bag from nonwoven

nonwoven bag