Perforated Film Line


The line produces micro-perforated film by using the materials of polyethylene. While the melt resin comes out of extrusion die, it is formed into film and vacuum perforated at the same time. Those micro-holes have features of 3-dimensional, uniform and funnel shape, which keeps air and water permeable with very low revert. Moreover, the perforation pattern can be versatile and adjustable to meet the market need.


The PE perforated film is used as the topsheet of sanitary napkin, baby diaper; food packaging such as butter wrapping, meat absorbent pad, and agricultural application.

Features & Advantages

  • Excellent absorption speed of liquids like water and blood.
  • The perforation pattern can be customer-made
  • 3-dimensional and uniform holes shape
  • On-line nonwoven laminates is optional to have perforated composites


Perforated Film Line

Sample Products

Perforated Film Line Sample Products

Technical Data

Model No. Screw Diameter Die Width Film Width Film Weight Production Speed
D90-1400 ø90 mm 1700 mm 1400 mm 16 - 50 gsm 30 - 50 m/min
D110-1800 ø110 mm 2100 mm 1800 mm
D120-2000 ø120 mm 2300 mm 2000 mm