Breathable Film Line


The breathable film line has the same extrusion process as other cast film lines, but equipped with the MDO (machine direction orientator) unit. Filled with appr. 50% percentage of CaCo3, the film is stretched by MDO unit to make micro pores inside. Those high-density micro pores in the film allow the gas or water vapor to transmit but stop the liquid flow. So it gets the name as "breathable film". Its outstanding features not only can be found in "breathable", but also in textile-like handfeeling, making it an ideal backsheet for diaper and sanitary napkin.


Breathable film is growingly used in those fields such as baby diaper, sanitary napkin, medical dressings and roof underlay.

Features & Advantages

  • Oil heating system for MDO unit
  • MDO unit with horizontal stretching
  • On-line deep embossing is optional.
  • In-line lamination with nonwoven is optional


Breathable Film Line

Technical Data

Model No. Screw Diameter Die Width Film Width Film Thickness Line Speed
BF135-1600 ø135 mm 2300 mm 1600 mm 0.02 - 0.20 mm 150 m/min
BF150-2200 ø150 mm 2800 mm 2200 mm
BF180-3000 ø180 mm 3600 mm 3000 mm