Panty Liners Machines (Second hand)

Panty Liners Machine Main Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Model G2 Model G5
Produce specification 150 mm
Design line speed 1600 pcs/min 2000 pcs/min
Produce line speed 1200 pcs/min 1600 pcs/min
Uses electric power 115 kW
Voltage 3 Phases 3 Line 220V, 50/60Hz
Air pressure source 0.5 MPa (Max 0.7 MPa)
Machinery size L(26M) × W(8M) × H(4M)

Machine production process flow

Machine production process flow

Product picture

panty liner dimensions
panty liner dimensions

panty liner structure
panty liner structure

To be affected by Buyer

  • Resources of electric power, water and compressed air etc.
  • Primary and secondary side electrical power, cable and ducts.
  • All pipe for water and air.
  • Hoist, cranes, forklifts and related equipment used to install and maintain the equipment.
  • Various lubricants, greases and heat transfer oils needed for the first time operation of the equipment.
  • Technical service: The installation is included start-up and will be carried out under the supervision and with the co-operation of our experienced technicians. The customer must provide the necessary number of skilled helpers and tools. Round trip airfare, local transportation, meal, and accommodation will be borne by customer.
  • Test materials: Buyer will supply all the raw materials for run test at buyer’s plant.